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Founded in 1989, Shanghai Huashen Certified Public Accountants Co., Ltd. (SHHSCPA) is one of the earliest accountancy firms established in Shanghai, initiated by a group of visionary financial and tax experts. At the very beginning of our company's history, we were directly supervised by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau. In early 1999, according to the requirements of the reform of the accounting firm, it was separated from the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau to establish a limited liability company, which was independently engaged in the business.

SHHSCPA keeps pace with the times and has carried out a series of diversified allocation. Now, we has more than 50 middle and senior professional talents such as Certified Public Accountants, Registered Tax Agent, Asset Appraisers and Enterprise Legal Advisers, and more than 30 Certified Public Accountants. At the end of 2016, Shanghai Huashen Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (SHHSBC) was formally established as a consulting firm.

Since its establishment for more than 30 years, Huashen company has always abided by the national laws and regulations, inherited the tenet of "quality first, dedicated service", and adhered to the principle of "independence, objectivity and impartiality". The company has undertaken annual financial audit, various special audit, bookkeeping agency and financial consulting services of a large number of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, as well as various Chinese and foreign private enterprises.Rich working experience. It is highly praised by customers and was rated as a Class A office by the industry association in December 2016.

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